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#Mobile Phone Harmoniser

For Powerful Protection from Mobile Phone Radiation and Environmental Electrosmog.

Make Friends with your Mobile Phone!

Do you carry a mobile phone or use a laptop?
Does it worry you?!

Using the renowned principals of Wholistic Science, Phi Harmonics has developed the Solar Wind Electromagnetic Harmoniser. It's powerful programme, written onto a magnetic disc applied to your mobile phone, eliminates many of the discomforts caused by the electromagnetic emissions you are exposed to daily when you simply carry your phone around with you close to your body.

What is a Solar Wind Electromagnetic Harmoniser?

A Solar Wind Harmoniser is a small magnetic disk which is programmed with layers of information which it stores in much the same way as a credit card stores information on its magnetic strip. This information in the form of subtle light energy, is drawn from what quantum physics is calling the zero point field and stored onto the magnetic disk.

It is a subtle energy device which compares to vibrational medicine in its effect on the human constitution. When the disk is worn on a pendant or attached to a mobile phone or on a computer, it re-organizes the electromagnetic fields in its vicinity and reinforces the wearer's energy field, protecting it by strengthening it, and restoring optimum levels of health and vitality.

Price: $39.00

* Autumn Special *
Buy 3, Get 1 Free
Price: $117
(i.e. $29.25 only)

"Water of Life" - A Natural Miracle

Discovered near a small town in Japan more than 30 years ago, pi water is called the "water of life" by scientists. Created by natural mineral deposits and negative ions, pi water has been duplicated in the laboratory — and the result is the PiMag Water Systems. These systems has highly sophisticated filtration technology. But it is more than a filter. Special pi ceramics from deep-sea coral reflect far-infrared energy — sometimes called the "wavelength of life." The water flows through a magnetic field to complete the process. This improves cell hydration.

Pi stands apart from other kinds of water because of its natural abundance of mineral and negative ions. Minerals and negative ions work together to feed your body and mind, in order to promote clarity, relaxation and a general feeling of peacefulness.

TLC Wellness continues to research many water filtration systems and the messages of water, offering the latest technology and advancement for the purest and optimal energized water for drinking. We have certainly felt and see significant difference since drinking PiMag 'water of life' ourselves and our clients. Taste the difference, feel the difference in TLC Wellness 'Water of Life' today!


PiMag Gravity Water System

Transforming tap water into Natural Spring Mineral & Crystallized "water of life" empowering your health, life and flow...!

Nikken PiMag Gravity Water System is based on the premise that good water involves more than just a lack of impurities. The PiMag Water System combines a number of simple yet highly sophisticated technologies, to provide sparkling clear, good-tasting water, while retaining beneficial minerals and crystallizing water in a magnetic environment.

When safe drinking water is poured into the PiMag Gravity Water System, it passes through a ceramic filter to remove foreign materials down to a range of 0.2 to 0.5 microns. The water then moves through a three-stage filter cartridge to reduce chlorine, unpleasant odours, Trihalomethanes (THMs), lead and other heavy metals. Water flows through a carbon medium, ion exchange resin, mesh screens and zeolite. Pi ceramics are in the filter, to impart "the water of life." Bed of Mineral stones, like the stones that provide natural filtering and minerals in streams and rivers are placed on the floor of the storage tank inhibit the growth of bacteria, help maintain a balanced range of beneficial minerals including calcium and magnesium, and adjust the pH balance to mildly alkaline.In addition, TLC Wellness exclusive crystal accelerators sustains the high vibrational energies of the water and a another dimension by delivering the water through a high field-strength (1,200 gauss) magnetic tube to further enlivening the water!

Using an ingenious gravity flow system, delicious water is available instantly! It's a portable waterworks - producing PiMag water without electricity or plumbing being the most convenient way to have a supply of 'water of life' at home, in the office, while traveling - practically anywhere.

Price: $450.00

PiMag™ Optimizer ll

For refreshing and invigorating water of exceptional quality!

Nikken PiMagOptimizer II set out to develop advanced domestic water technologies that would reproduce the pristine quality of water that bubbles and cascades over the rocks and pebbles of a mountain stream. The launch of the unique PiMag Optimizer II is a demonstrable step forward in transforming normal tap water processed by the PiMag Water System, into refreshing and invigorating water of exceptional quality.

Using the same forces as those found in nature - magnetic energy, water agitation, and pi technology, the PiMag Optimizer's patented technology improves water's bio-availability to the body through reducing the size of clusters of water molecules.

A revolving pair of 4,400 gauss magnets produces a complex magnetic field - a cocoon of magnetism. The Pi Ring inside the pitcher exposes the water to pi ceramic materials consisting of calcium carbonate and other natural minerals to help normalize pH. And the vortex (cyclone pattern) throughout the optimizing cycle further oxygenates the water.

In addition, with TLC Wellness exclusive super charged "Optimizing Disc" furthers enhance the high vibrational energies and optimal water tasting!

Price: $558.00

PiMag Optimizer II Pi Ring

Replacement Part

Receommended to be repalced every 12 months

rice: $89.99

PiMag Gravity Water System Filter Cartridge Replacement

Replacement Part

Receommended to be replaced every 6 months

rice: $49.99

Gravity Water System Ceramic PreFilter

Replacement Part

Receommended to be replaced every 2 years or until the brown colour can no longer be removed.

rice: $49.99

PiMag Gravity Water System MicroSponge

Replacement Part

Receommended to be replaced every 5 years or until the brown colour can no longer be removed.

rice: $17.99

PiMag Gravity Water System Mineral Stones

Receommended to be replaced every 5 years.

Price: $49.99

PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water System

The PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water System offers the convenience of clear,sparkling PiMag water right from the faucet, and because it filters water directly from the household plumbing, the PiMag Water System provides a practically unlimited supply, at any time - all it requires is periodic filter replacement.

The PiMag Deluxe Countertop Water System is more practical than bottled water. It eliminates the need to struggle with heavy water bottles, or large numbers ofpersonal-size bottles (which also contribute to landfill waste).

Price: $689.99

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